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Why is it so difficult to achieve success in implementing IT projects? The answer seems to be simple;
Because the stakeholders of these ventures assume the obvious. Business is convinced that its needs are well documented, understood and the IT department certainly knows how to meet them. IT specialists focus quite heavily on technical issues, forgetting that a solution is needed to effectively support business and in a limited time, not necessarily complete but building business value.
This phenomenon has always intrigued me, hence I dedicate a lot of my professional energy to communicating with these two worlds. I know that in today's reality they are unable to exist without each other. They are like Yin and Yang - they complement each other and together they form a whole.
I have some interesting thoughts and experiences on how to improve this communication.
If you see similar problems in your environment, please contact me.
I think I will be able to help!

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  • Stwórz własne repozytorium zarządzane przez Enterprise Architect.

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  • Projektowanie komunikacji interesariuszy projektu opartej na modelach

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